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losing my religion

Miss Ruby
"goth" boys, a perfect circle, aimee echo, ani difranco, anne rice, arch enemy, art, ass, bdsm, beauty fiend, beetlejuice, berlin, bettie page, bitch, black, bleeding cunts, bodies, bondage, candles, chains, choke, clouds, cocaine, coffee, corsets, courtney love, cunts, death, dirt, disease, diva destruction, dolls, drawing, drop dead fred, drugs, dryden, elastica, erotica, everclear, eyes, fantasy, feathers, fire, fucking, genitorturers, glitter, gryp, hate, headnoise, hitting, hole, human waste project, jack off jill, jessicka fodera, jhonen vasquez, joan jett, katie jane garside, kidney thieves, kissing, kittie, lacuna coil, lenore, lesbians, life, lil' timmy, love, malice mizer, mark ryden, masterbation, matches, mindless self indulgence, misanthropy, missannthrope, moans, morbid angel, music, my dying bride, my ruin, nine inch nails, nostalgia, nutopia, orgy, otep, pessimism, photography, pictures, piercings, pillows, pink, placebo, poetry, poison the well, porn, pretty in pink, queen adreena, rain, rainbows, rasputina, raul flores, reading, red, republica, roman dirge, ropes, scabs, scars, scheer, scratching post, screaming, sex, silverchair, simpsons, sleeping, smoke, snake river conspiracy, south park, sparkles, spiders, spooky kids, stars, switchblade symphony, sybil, system of a down, tairrie b, tapping the vein, tatu, the breakfast club, the cranberries, the goonies, thunder storms, tool, tori amos, vampire chronicles, veruca salt, water, wench, whips, whores, wynona ryder